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The facts about New Jersey’s motorcycle helmet law

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Firm News

All motorcyclists and passengers in New Jersey are required by law to wear helmets. The New Jersey helmet law states that anyone who operates or rides on a motorcycle must have a helmet that has a secure fit, chin or neck strap, reflectors on both sides and approval by the Department of Transportation. This rule applies to everyone regardless of age.

If a motorcyclist is in a motor vehicle accident and not wearing a helmet, he or she may have trouble obtaining sufficient compensation for injuries and property damage. This is because New Jersey has a comparative negligence law. According to the State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, this law requires insurance companies to indicate the level of fault of each person in an accident.

Because it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, refusing to wear one may be seen as a significant cause of an injury. Even when another motorist causes the accident, the insurance company may determine the motorcyclist is partially to blame for injuries for not following the law.

Not only is wearing a helmet the lawful thing to do, but it is also one of the best ways to prevent motorcyclist injuries. Riders who do not wear helmets are three times more likely to suffer fatal head injuries than riders who wear DOT-approved helmets.

Motorcyclists are at a high risk of getting hurt in motor vehicle crashes. Following the law and wearing a helmet that fits properly can help prevent injuries and ensure motorcyclists can get as much compensation as possible.