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What are some statistics about distracted driving?

Distracted driving is a serious issue that has been gaining more attention as cell phone use rises. While cell phones are not the only distraction behind the wheel, anything that takes your focus off of driving is a cause. However, cell phones play a huge role in the increase in instances associated with accidents.

One of the ways to bring attention to this issue is through publishing statistics. When you can see the impact of distracted driving, it helps to make it seem like a more serious issue that requires attention. According to, the statistics about this problem are alarming starting with the number of lives lost to such accidents.

Lives lost

In 2015, the percentage of fatal auto accidents involving distracted driving was 10%. From 2015 to 2016, there was an increase in fatalities of 5.6%.

Teens and distracted driving

Cell phones really are a main motivator for people to drive drunk with 27% of the fatal accidents in 2015 being a result of cell phone use behind the wheel. Teens are most likely to succumb to such an accident. The estimate is they have three times the risk of older drivers. Plus, they are more likely to drive distracted since 58% of all car accidents involving teens were the result of distracted driving.


The biggest issue with distracted driving is that drivers do not take it seriously. In a survey of drivers, about 36% admitted to driving distracted. People know it is dangerous but they do it anyway, which is something that society needs to start pushing back on if we ever want it to stop.