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Is now the time to update your estate plan?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | Estate Planning

Pennsylvania residents like you put a lot of work into building your estate and crafting your estate plan. But this is not where your estate planning should end. In fact, experts say you should review your estate plan every 3 years.

There are other points in time where you may want to evaluate your plan, too. This keeps your plan up to date in the case of your unexpected passing.

Moving, family and finances

Forbes lists compelling reasons for good times to update your estate plan. Outside of the recommended three year check, you should also update your plan when major life changes happen. The top three categories of change involve moving, family and finances.

Moving is self-explanatory. If you relocate to a different state, they will have different estate planning laws. You want to ensure the law will still consider your estate plan valid. You may need to make changes to fit the new requirements and regulations.

Family changes involve additions or exclusions from the family. Examples include the death of a loved one or the estrangement of a relative. Other examples involve remarrying, adopting or having children.

Financial changes can include positive or negative changes to your financial situation. You want to report any great debts that force you into bankruptcy. You also want to make changes if you come into an inheritance that grants you a good deal of money.

Structural changes to your estate plan

These changes can impact the structure and contents of your estate plan. To ensure your loved ones do not have legal hassles after your death, it is prudent to keep the plan up to date with your actual life circumstances.