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Speeding results in fatal crash in Philadelphia

The term “car accident” can cover everything from a multi-vehicle pile-up to a single-car collision. In the case of the latter, many people in Pennsylvania might assume that there is no liability issue given that it involves only a single vehicle. Yet this assumption overlooks the potential for there to be many people within one car.

The extent of the responsibility a driver has for the safety of their passengers is often open to debate. Some might argue that adult passengers understand the risks inherent with traveling in a vehicle, while others may say that regardless of their passengers’ ages, the driver is responsible for anything that occurs to them. Yet one point that many cannot dispute is that there is no justification for reckless behavior.

Speeding vehicle strikes tree along Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Eyewitness reports coming out following a recent crash in Philadelphia seem to indicate that such behavior led to a single-car accident on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, authorities believe that a number of vehicles traveling along the Parkway traveled well in excess of the posted speed limit (although they do not believe the cars to be racing). One of the vehicles lost control and struck a tree and a pole before then returning to the road and coming to a stop in the median. One occupant died in the collision, while another required hospitalization for multiple injuries.

Holding one responsible for reckless actions

One traveling in a vehicle with another likely has a relationship with that driver. This may make it difficult to take action against them when their irresponsible action results in a car accident. Yet oftentimes the expenses associated with an accident leave them with little choice. Having strong legal representation may help make this difficult task somewhat easier.