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What makes for a good estate executor?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | Estate Planning

Pennsylvania residents like you want your estate plan executed well after your death. There is only one way to ensure that. You must have an estate executor who serves your needs and wishes well. 

But how do you find this executor? What are the skills and traits that good executors tend to possess? 

Key traits of executors

Forbes looks at the key traits of successful executors. They suggest focusing on professional skills first. Why? Because these are the skills most crucial to successfully managing such a big role. After all, the estate executor handles all matters of the state. They not only talk to your grieving beneficiaries, but to your legal experts, too. 

As such, some of the skills they should possess include: 

  • The ability to time manage, especially on their own 
  • Past experience working with legal and financial experts 
  • Organizational skills 
  • People skills 
  • The ability to rank and prioritize tasks 

Someone who is punctual, prompt and takes charge without question is undoubtedly going to serve your estate well. But there is still another facet to an executor. 

Personal compatibility

After all, this person will act as your personal representative after your death. This means they should understand your family situation and personal life. They should also hold similar convictions and core principles. You want this person to understand your desires and mindset well. This way, they can act as your proxy in the most accurate way possible. 

It is often hard to find a person who fits all of these criteria and also has the time to act as an executor. This is why it is important to start looking early.