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What do you know about negligence in the hospitality industry?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Personal Injury

While attending a recent conference in a hotel in Pennsylvania, you sustained harm. Could the hotel staff bear responsibility for your injuries? 

Chron explores levels of disregard common in hotels, resorts and clubs. Determine whether the facility owed you a duty of care to keep you and other guests safe. 


Were you injured as the victim of a mugging or physical attack that happened on hotel grounds? Poor area lighting, inferior door locks, lack of security guards and easy access to public spaces by unauthorized personnel are all hazards to guest safety. Working with a legal professional, you may prove the hotel needed better security to keep you and other guests safe.  

Slip and fall

Unsecured cords or carpeting, unmarked wet floors and poorly maintained hand railings are slip-and-fall hazards. If you hurt yourself falling, the hotel may bear financial responsibility for your resulting medical bills and loss of income. Staff members should properly lay out, cover and secure all electronic presentation equipment for trade shows and similar events. 

Beverage and food illness

Rather than tripping and falling or suffering a physical attack, maybe your harm stemmed from food poisoning or another illness related to consuming or ingesting unsafe food or beverages. Potential reasons for guests suffering food-borne illnesses include poor food preparation, hygiene and cleanliness. Hotels and similar venues may protect guests with designated food preparation areas and by working with experienced health department professionals. 

You should not suffer physically or financially for another’s disregard or inattention. By learning more about types of negligence in the hospitality industry, you understand more about your legal options and right to fair compensation.