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Construction accidents and brain injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Individuals who work in construction face a multitude of dangers. Among working from heights, handling various equipment and coming into contact with sharp items, workers are at risk of many injuries, even when following safety protocols.

One common injury for construction workers is a traumatic brain injury. Even mild ones can cause physical injuries and mental health disorders, and severe ones often have long-lasting consequences.

Construction TBI stats and facts

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of construction-related fatalities are due to traumatic brain injuries. Men are seven more times likely to die from a TBI than women are, and more fatalities occur in companies that employ 19 or fewer workers. Older workers are also more likely to die from a brain injury than older workers are.

Falls are the most common cause of brain injuries. As a result, roofers and structural steel and iron workers are particular at risk for TBIs.

Potential consequences of a brain injury

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, physical symptoms of a more severe TBI may include poor coordination, tremors, balance issues, paralysis, muscle spasticity and a loss of endurance. However, victims suffer from more than just physical issues. Other consequences include cognitive deficits, sensory issues, language and communication problems, functional deficits, social issues, personality changes, behavioral issues and regulatory disturbances such as dizziness, fatigue and sleep pattern changes.

The initial treatment for a TBI is usually emergency care, followed by hospitalization and possibly surgery. As the injury begins to stabilize, many victims require ongoing rehabilitation to return to normal activities. Rehab programs may cover self-care skills, socialization skills, mobility skills, pain management, family support and vocational training.