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What are the complications of a TBI?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Personal Injury

If you suffer from a TBI, you may suffer the impact through different complications. According to Mayo Clinic, TBIs may manifest with various complications.

The most common complications may be cognitive or physical.

Cognitive complications

A traumatic brain injury can affect your thinking skills. You may find it difficult to learn new skills or remember skills you had before your injury. After a TBI, cognitive problems with memory, learning, judgment, and reasoning are common.

Even if you were an organized person before your injury, you may find it challenging to stay organized or multitask. Beginning tasks or finishing tasks may become more difficult following the injury.

Physical complications

One of the most common physical complications after a TBI is headaches. In addition, if you have a fracture or penetrating wound, bacteria may enter the brain and cause an infection. Infections need immediate medical attention to prevent infection throughout the nervous system. Other complications include seizures, blood vessel damage and vertigo.

Communication complications

Following a traumatic brain injury, you may have language and communication difficulties. For example, it may become difficult for you to understand writing or speech and difficulty speaking and organizing your thoughts. Communication issues may lead to problems within your social relationships.

Communication between two parties often hinges on pitch, tone and the ability to express emotion. After a TBI, you may have difficulty seeing subtle differences in communication. You may miss cues and nonverbal signs in a conversation.

In some instances, symptoms of a TBI can last for weeks and months following the injury. If you suffer any symptoms for an extended period, you may have persistent post-concussive symptoms.