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Will a DUI jeopardize your CDL forever?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Facing a conviction for driving under the influence can impact everything from your relationships to your career. If you drive for a living, having a DUI on your record could definitely impact your job.

Knowing the fate of your CDL following a DUI can help you determine what to do next. Seeing your experience as an opportunity rather than a roadblock can help you achieve success despite your unprecedented circumstances.

Maintaining a career

A CDL is only one requirement to legally operate large commercial vehicles. According to Linked in, as a commercial driver, you agree to uphold the highest standards when operating your vehicle. Due to the sheer size of your truck and the contents you transport, driving without your full attention can immediately endanger everyone around you. Even if you get a DUI in your personal vehicle, authorities will immediately revoke your CDL.

Maintaining a career when you no longer have your driving privileges may seem pretty dire. However, there are ways that you can maintain and even improve your skills. For example, you may speak with your employer about alternative roles within the company that you can fulfill until you get your privileges back. You may consider applying for a different type of job for a temporary time. Despite your choice, you can still participate in educational courses to learn more about trucker safety so you can prepare to resume your job as soon as you can.

Restoring your driving privileges

You will need to follow the conditions of your sentencing. Depending on the severity of your DUI and its outcome, the consequences you must observe may include jail time, fines and community service. Only after you have completely satisfied these conditions can you follow the instructions to obtain another CDL. You will need to retake the test and follow all requirements just as you did the first time you sought a CDL.

Just because you got a DUI may not mean you have to give up your dream career. With a bit of hard work and some careful planning, you may have the opportunity to obtain a CDL again in the future.