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How can doctors diagnose a concussion?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Personal Injury

Following an accident, a concussion may occur due to blunt force trauma. Unfortunately, head injuries do not always show symptoms immediately following the accident. If you have a concussion, you may require medical treatment.

Mayo Clinic explains that medical professionals may use various exams or test to diagnose concussions.

Physical exam

When you arrive in front of a medical professional, he or she will observe your current state. He or she will ask you various questions, including questions that address your vision, hearing and coordination. He or she may check for dilated pupils, and lack of strength and balance. In addition, concussions may cause you to experience a lack of strength.

Cognitive exam

Following a physical exam, doctors may perform a cognitive exam. He or she will ask different questions to test your memory and ability to recall information. When you have a concussion or traumatic brain injury, you may have difficulty focusing or concentrating. You may feel stuck in brain fog or feel disoriented in more moderate to serious cases.

Imaging tests

When you have a severe concussion, you may experience persistent headaches, vomiting or seizures. If you have any serious symptoms, doctors may want to perform imaging tests to analyze the severity of your concussion. The medical professionals can use CT scans and x-rays to determine the type of injury.

Once you go through the diagnostic tests, your physician will help you form a treatment plan. Most people require bed rest to help with the concussion. In some cases, your doctor may provide you with medication to help with the pain and other symptoms.