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Does collaborative divorce suit every couple?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2022 | Family Law

Divorce does not look the same for anyone who goes through it. Different options suit different people and their unique, individual situations.

Collaborative divorce serves as one of many options, but it is not always the best one. How does a couple tell if it will fit them?

How collaborative divorce works

Cornell Law School defines collaborative divorce and how it works. In essence, collaborative divorce involves each partner hiring their own personal representative. This person will handle negotiations and the legal matters on behalf of the party they represent.

All discussions about the divorce will take place between the two divorcing spouses and their representatives. The representatives may sometimes also suggest the inclusion of a mediator, who can help streamline conversations and reduce the chances of arguments happening.

Who it works for

This option does not work for every family, though. Generally speaking, it works best for couples who already have some measure of agreement. The ideal candidate only has a few things they need to work through, and they need some guidance through it. They can hold conversations without losing their cool, and they can set aside their differences even if only temporarily to work toward an end that they both find agreeable.

If a couple argues over every single aspect of the divorce or has violent or explosive arguments that escalate quickly out of control, this is often beyond the help that a mediator or personal representative can provide. For those individuals, it might benefit them to look into other options, as many exist which still avoid the costs and time that goes into litigation.