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How dangerous is your job?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Earning a paycheck should not cause you physical harm, and yet, you may find yourself dealing with an injury related to your job. Some professions are riskier and provide more opportunities for injury than others.

Jobs requiring physical movement to do them present the highest rate of injuries across the board. However, this does not mean a more sedentary job is the safest. Discover a few of the most dangerous jobs that may prove costly to your health.

What are common workplace injuries?

The job dictates the type of injuries you may sustain. A physical profession, such as one in construction, may present a whole host of chances for you to become hurt. You may fall from a height or become wedged between a hard surface and a piece of machinery. Exposed wiring may present an electrocution hazard. Exposure to chemicals and high temperatures in the summer may leave you with internal injuries.

What about indoor jobs?

A job that takes place largely inside may seem safer. This is not necessarily the case, as certain professions require repetitive movements to perform, such as typing. An administrative assistant typing hours a day may experience hand pain so severe that it requires surgery. Nurses work indoors, but physically aiding patients may result in serious back and neck injuries. Truck drivers face inherent danger between possible crashes as well as heart health due to the constant sedentary position.

Whatever your job, remain mindful of the way you feel and how your body responds. If you start experiencing illness or pain due to a job you perform every day, seek medical diagnosis and treatment.