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How should you select a quality executor?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Estate Planning

When going through the process of estate planning, you may naturally have questions and concerns about the person in charge of handling your estate after you die.

This person, commonly known as an executor, should meet multiple requirements in order to be a good fit for this role. Learning about these traits can help you choose an enthusiastic and helpful person that will complete all the necessary tasks for your estate.

Choose someone understanding

According to Kiplinger, some executors may get sidetracked by family infighting or other interpersonal problems and become stressed during the process. Choosing a person who knows how to handle emotional interactions and can answer tough questions about your will is important for keeping the peace.

Choose someone with focus and commitment

When everyday life becomes overwhelmingly busy, it can be easy to forget to complete probate work. Whether this involves paying off debts with the money from your estate or contacting the courts, there are many important tasks that an executor needs to do on a deadline or a schedule.

Your executor should be able to dedicate the time and energy needed to your assets and documents, as well as fix any problems that happen during this time.

Choose someone who is fiscally responsible

Although this person does not need to know a large amount of information about finances prior to taking on this role, they should still be responsible with money. Since you are choosing someone close to you who knows you personally, they should have respect for your estate and any assets they are using to pay off debts.

Finding a quality executor can feel intimidating at first, but paying attention to a few traits can help you.