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Looking at different examples of driver distractions

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | Personal Injury

You could become distracted behind the wheel for an array of reasons, and it is essential to stay focused in order to avoid an accident. Regrettably, some drivers do not understand the dangers of driving while distracted and cause serious collisions.

While many drivers recognize the risks associated with texting behind the wheel, it is important to remember that there are a wide variety of reasons why drivers become distracted. Identifying all potential distractions and avoiding these behaviors on the road is critical.

Reviewing visual and manual distractions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines some of the reasons why distracted driving occurs. The CDC goes over various distractions, including visual distractions (which involve a driver failing to look at the road) and manual distractions (which involve a driver removing their hands from the steering wheel).

Some visual distractions include looking at billboards or something alongside the road, trying to read a map or watching something on an electronic device. Examples of manual distractions include using one or both hands to eat, pick something up off of the floor, adjust a mirror or change the radio station.

Going over cognitive distractions

There are many cognitive distractions that can affect one’s driving abilities. For example, talking to other people in the vehicle, daydreaming or becoming lost in thought and anything else that involves a driver taking his or her mind off of driving can be very distracting.

If a distracted driver is responsible for an accident that left you or one of your loved ones with a debilitating injury, you need to gather evidence and go over your options.