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How do assets affect a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Family Law

Assets and divorce often go hand in hand. For example, assets and other financial issues are a leading reason behind couples divorcing in the first place.

But in what other ways do assets affect a divorce?

Assets and arguments

However, Business Insider has some surprising information regarding assets and divorce, and the way the two may tie together.

Some people believe that higher assets lead to a more turbulent divorce. This is partially backed up by the fact that upper-middle-class couples seem to fight more than middle-class couples. However, a contrast exists in upper-class couples.

Couples with a net worth of over $5 million tend to fight less than any other wealth bracket, having a higher rate of amiable divorce as well. So why does this paradox exist?

In reality, it is not much of a paradox at all. The mentality behind the assets makes the difference. For example, one couple may have fewer assets but feel more financially secure, and they will usually fight less than a couple with more assets who feel less financially secure.

Dealing with complexities

Assets can and do often make it harder for people due to potential complexities, though. People with more assets usually have complex assets, such as businesses, stocks, investment funds and more. These are harder to divide than typical assets like savings accounts, and can thus take more time and energy.

Thus, anyone with assets – especially complex assets – should anticipate that it might cause more stress during the divorce. It could even lead to more arguments accordingly.