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Helping Families Understand Fiduciary Breaches

At Worth, Magee & Fisher, P.C., we represent individuals and institutions in breach of fiduciary duty claims. These cases are handled by attorney Eric Strauss, an experienced estate attorney with more than 20 years of legal practice. Attorney Strauss is equipped to address fiduciary breach claims involving a wide range of factors, such as:

  • Intentional breach, or outright stealing from the estate or individual
  • Unintentional breach, which is the loss of financial assets through negligence or omission
  • Failure to act, including actions such as failing to promptly liquidate stocks or bonds
  • Unreasonable fees paid if an estate executor was paid an exorbitant fee
  • A fiduciary buying estate property for less than fair value

Many of these claims involve a fiduciary who simply did not understand his or her responsibilities or the associated laws. However, in many cases, being uninformed will not be an adequate excuse, especially for professional corporate fiduciaries. As a result, fiduciaries can be sued by the estate of beneficiaries. In the most extreme cases, an Orphan’s Court judge may refer the matter to the district attorney for criminal prosecution.

What Is A Fiduciary?

In estate law, a fiduciary is anyone who is entrusted with property or managing the affairs of another person. This can include:

  • A power of attorney
  • A trustee
  • The executor or administrator of a will
  • An estate guardian

All of these individuals have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the people they are representing, and not for their own benefit. When they do not, whether their actions were intentional or accidental, they may be held liable for financial losses in the form of a surcharge.

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