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Representing Executors In Claims Against The Estate

When a person passes away, there are many estate expenses that must be paid. This includes costs associated with estate administration, attorneys, probate court, estate executor commission and medical expenses incurred before death, as well as any and all other debts.

However, when the estate does not have enough money to pay all outstanding debts, the administrator or executor must proceed carefully when paying creditors. Under the Pennsylvania probate code, there is a hierarchy to the creditors that seek money from the estate. If any claimants are paid out order and as a result another creditor loses money, the executor can be held personally liable for the debt. Unfortunately, a lot of estate executors get caught in this trap simply because they did not fully understand the order in which creditors needed to be paid. In other cases, estate executors have no idea that the estate was actually insolvent.

If you are an executor involved in an insolvent or nearly insolvent estate, contact Worth, Magee & Fisher, P.C. for help. Attorney Eric Strauss leads our estate practice with more than 20 years of legal experience. He has represented numerous clients before Pennsylvania Orphans’ Courts and has helped them find effective resolution to complex estate disputes.

Representing Creditors In Claims Against The Estate

As a creditor, you deserve to be compensated for the services, products or money you have given. When a debtor passes away, our law firm can help ensure that your company is reimbursed according to the debtor repayment rules of the Pennsylvania probate code. If you have not received payment and believe you should have, contact our law firm at once. We will make sure your organization takes the proper legal steps to pursue a claim against the estate or executor.

Even if the estate is insolvent, there may be other avenues to pursue repayment. In some cases, we can look at joint accounts held by both the deceased and another party. Each matter is different, so we encourage creditors to contact us for a consultation. Our lawyers will give you an honest legal assessment as to the merits of your claim, and help you understand your options for moving forward.

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