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Experienced Representation When Your Family Needs It Most

Whether you are involved in divorce or a child custody dispute, managing a family law claim on your own often only adds stress to an already difficult situation. At Worth, Magee & Fisher, our experienced Allentown family law attorneys, led by Marc S. Fisher, provide diligent, thoughtful and personalized attention in a variety of family law issues.

We often encourage clients who can agree on most issues to settle through more amicable means such as negotiation or mediation, if possible. These alternatives to traditional divorce litigation often give clients more decision-making power over key issues such as:

However, when alternative dispute resolution is unsuccessful or inappropriate, such as in highly contested child custody cases or situations involving domestic abuse allegations, our family law attorneys are fully prepared to litigate these issues to protect our clients’ rights, interests and safety.

When it comes to divorce or parental separation, we understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” resolution to each family’s unique situation. Therefore, we focus our representation on seeking tailored solutions in the most efficient, effective manner possible.

Post-Decree Modification And Enforcement

As your family moves forward following divorce or parental separation, specific needs or financial circumstances may change. To modify a custody or support agreement, however, you must demonstrate a significant change in circumstances such as job loss or relocation. Our lawyers can help you determine whether your situation meets the statutory requirements for modification and guide you through the process from start to finish.

We also manage post-divorce enforcement issues. Our clients include those seeking to enforce custody or support orders as well as those seeking to defend against false or overly aggressive enforcement actions.

Talk To A Lawyer About Your Family Matter

In all family law matters, we seek creative solutions that not only protect your rights, but also put your family on the best path for moving forward. To discuss your case in a confidential consultation, please call our Lehigh Valley family law firm at 866-490-5954. You may also contact us by email.

We accept credit cards and maintain a 24-hour call service for your convenience. Our office is also fully ADA-accessible.