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What do you know about the compensation law in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act got enacted in Pennsylvania’s legislature in 1915. According to the statute, the Bureau of Workers Compensation and Department of Labour and Industry get charged with carrying out of the appeal and administrative obligations. In case you get injured without any regard to a fault while working, the act has specified the compensation that you are supposed to receive. 

Additionally, the compensation for occupational diseases and injuries got added later to the act. All the benefits that are available to the Pennsylvanian worker are all defined by the amendment. Similarly, all the conditions under which you can get the benefits are in the Act. The worker’s compensation system protects all employers and workers. 

What do you gain from the Act? According to this Act, you are entitled to receive medical treatment. Similarly, you may get compensated for all the lost wages which get associated with work-related diseases and injuries. Likewise, the act requires employers to cover all these costs. Additionally, you get protected from the direct lawsuits from your employer. 

Who may get covered by the worker’s compensation in Pennsylvania? When you reside and work in Pennsylvania, you must get covered by the compensation Act. Similarly, any employers who lack the worker’s compensation risks being subject to a lawsuit from the criminal prosecution and the employees. 

Is there any exemption to the worker’s compensation? However, when you get covered under some worker’s compensation Acts such as domestic servants, federal employees, longshoremen, railroad workers, among others, you get exempted from the worker’s compensation. 

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