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Case Results

A 25-year old exotic dancer was injured when, as part of her fire-breathing act, she caught on fire and suffered second-degree burns to her upper body and neck. On her behalf, attorney Bob Magee sued the establishment for not having adequate safety measures in place. After a three-day trial, the jury awarded $518,000 to the dancer. The highest offer made to her from the establishment’s insurance carrier prior to trial was only $25,000.

An electrician was working at a local facility inside a large steel drum. As a practical joke, an employee at the facility hit the drum with a hammer, but unfortunately, his joke went horribly wrong when the noise of the hammer striking against the steel drum caused irreversible damage to the electrician’s eardrum, leaving him with permanent ringing in his ear, called tinnitus. Attorney Bob Magee represented him and, aside from the tinnitus, the electrician’s suffering was minimal, involving a headache for a few days, two doctor’s visits and being absent from work for one day. The jury awarded him $275,000. The defendant’s best offer to him prior to trial was only $20,000.

A nurse in her 40s pulled her vehicle up to a stop sign on a poorly designed intersection with a restricted view to her left. After deciding that it was safe to enter the intersection, she pulled out. In doing so, she was hit by another car approaching her vehicle from the left. The injuries she sustained resulted in a fracture of her cervical vertebrae, requiring her to wear a hard collar for five weeks and be out of work for three months. Although the nurse was originally charged with a traffic offense (failure to yield), our firm successfully defended the criminal charge against her. Thereafter, attorney Bob Magee filed a lawsuit against the other driver. During the trial, we presented the testimony of an engineering expert and were able to prove that the other driver was exceeding the posted speed limit by a significant amount. The jury returned a verdict in our client’s favor in the amount of $100,000. No offer was made to her prior to trial.

A 42-year-old deliveryman slipped and fell on a patch of ice and snow at a local mini-market parking lot while making a delivery. It was clear that the property owner had failed to properly maintain the property by clearing the ice and snow sufficiently. His injury required the fusion of his lower back at one level. After recovering from surgery, he never returned to his former delivery position, but he has been able to continue working without a loss of earnings. Attorney Bob Magee filed a claim on his behalf against the owner of the store, known as a premises liability claim, alleging a failure to properly maintain the property and a failure to remove ice and snow which had accumulated in the parking lot. The jury awarded our client $300,000. No offer was made prior to trial.

A woman in her 20s fell down a freight elevator shaft at a shopping mall because the safety gate was intentionally blocked open. She suffered significant back injuries, and although she continues to walk with a significant limp due to these injuries, she has been able to resume her normal activities including walking, driving, working and raising her family. Attorney Bob Magee filed a claim on her behalf. Although this was primarily a premises liability claim, we also sued the driver of the trucking company that was the last to use the elevator. After four years of litigation, and after picking a jury to decide the case, our firm settled the matter for $1.4 million, with portions being paid by the mall owner, the tenant and the trucking company whose driver allegedly blocked the safety door open. The top offer made to her prior to jury selection was $500,000.

A 42-year-old truck driver was killed when a tractor-trailer crossed into his lane of traffic. The adjuster for the trucking company’s insurance carrier attended the viewing and advised the widow that she did not need to seek legal counsel since his company would take care of everything. After submitting various documents (primarily tax returns) which the adjuster had requested, he offered her a settlement of $100,000. At that time, she retained Bob Magee for legal representation and the case ultimately settled for $1.1 million without litigation.

A 16-year-old, who had received his driver’s license two weeks before, was driving himself and six other teenagers in an SUV on the way to the movies. Unfortunately, he lost control of the vehicle while traveling downhill on a wet road around a curve, and slid directly into a utility pole that was located a few feet off the road on the outside of the curve. The crash resulted in his death and in the death of two of the six passengers. On behalf of the driver’s family attorney Bob Magee filed a claim against the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the utility company, arguing that the roadway was poorly designed and the placement of the utility pole on the outside of a curve, on top a 4 percent downgrade to the roadway, created an unnecessary danger to the traveling public. Using records of the defendants, he was able to prove that in the three years preceding this incident, 12 other crashes occurred at the same location, all involving cars heading in the same direction on a wet road. He was also able to prove that the very same pole was struck by vehicles on three separate occasions over the preceding three years. On the eve of trial, the matter settled for a substantial but confidential amount. Shortly after the settlement was achieved, the utility pole was finally relocated, thus avoiding further injury and death to the traveling public from this dangerous roadside hazard.

A 19-year-old girl was a passenger in a vehicle driven by another 19-year-old female driving and a second teen in the rear passenger seat. The driver came upon a detour in the road and steered her car where she mistakenly thought the detour was directing her — down a one-way street in the wrong direction. When the car arrived at the next intersection, she proceeded to drive into the intersection (as there was no stop sign to warn her that she was traveling in the wrong direction) and was hit by a vehicle traveling with the right of way on the intersecting street. The young lady was killed, as was the back seat passenger, and the driver was charged with a variety of criminal offenses, including DUI and reckless endangerment. Realizing that the driver’s insurance would not be sufficient to fully compensate the family of the 19-year-old passenger whom our firm represented, we undertook a detailed investigation and discovered that the detour signs were not placed as required according to the traffic control plans that had previously been submitted to and approved by PENNDOT. The sign company’s failure to do this resulted in confusing messages being sent to all drivers who came upon this detour, including the driver of this car. A claim was brought by Bob Magee against the driver, the sign company and other parties he felt played a role in bringing about the tragedy, and after five years of litigation, and a full day of mediation, the matter settled for $865,000.

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