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How serious are concussive injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Pennsylvanian bicyclists put themselves at risk every time they share the road. If a motor vehicle hits them, they can fall to the ground. Even if they are wearing helmets, concussions are possible due to the sheer force of the crash. 

Mayo Clinic takes a look at how concussions affect patients. They range in intensity from mild to severe. In the worst cases, concussions can leave a victim unconscious. They may struggle to maintain consciousness or thought. They have trouble speaking and maintaining a coherent conversation. The brain can bleed or swell, creating pressure inside the skull. This may need surgical intervention. 

Doctors ask any head trauma victim to see a medical professional. Regardless of the injury, damage to the skull or brain is serious. For victims, it is difficult to tell which injuries are dangerous and which are benign. A head injury that seems benign at first can also become more severe over time. This is why it is important to get the opinion of a doctor. 

Concussive injuries often heal with rest and time. In some cases, a victim must rest for weeks or even months to achieve full recovery. This can be hard for anyone. For example, students may have to miss school. Work professionals may have to go on leave. Athletes may miss a season of play. 

It is difficult to predict how long a person will need to rest, too. It does not only depend on the severity of the injury. It also depends on the health of the injured individual. Because of this, the financial impact is often much higher than a victim expects.