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Objective and subjective qualities of good executors

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | Estate Planning

As a Pennsylvania resident who wants to create an estate plan, you may ask what the steps are. The legal process of creating an estate plan or will is sometimes long and complex. But what is one of the first things you should always start with? Finding an executor.

An executor is the backbone of your estate plan. They will handle things after you no longer can. This makes them a crucial part of your end of life planning.

The importance of picking the right executor

HuffPost discusses ways to ensure that you are choosing the right executor. You can break these qualities down into subjective and objective traits. Subjective traits have more to do with how the individual clicks with you on a personal level. These traits have to do with their abilities and skills. This will determine if they are suitable for managing something so intensive.

Looking at all qualities

Subjective qualities include things like core values, personality and principles. You want to select someone who represents you and what you stand for. You want to pick a person who will make similar decisions to what you yourself would. No matter how well you get along with someone, look into your shared priorities and morals first. Know that you can trust this individual to uphold your memory well.

Objective qualities include things like organizational skills, communication skills and time management. It also helps if they have experience working on big projects before. This ensures that the amount of work going into probate will not overwhelm them. You can also rest easier knowing that they can handle talking to your grieving loved ones.

Even more helpful is if they have experience with estate law. This is not always necessary, though. An executor can get the backing of a legal professional if they lack in this area.