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What are the dangers of synthetic drugs?

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Many drugs on the streets are man-made or synthetic. The nature of these drugs makes them inherently dangerous because you can never know exactly what is in them. 

When you but a drug sold legally, it goes through testing and has to meet many requirements before it gets to you. With a street drug, there is none of those safeguards. Psycom explains it is a huge risk to ingest something that someone manufactured using unknown ingredients and in unknown conditions. 

Potential risks

Not only do you risk ingesting an ingredient that is not safe or that could harm you, but when you take synthetic drugs, you never know the effect it will have on you. It can be different every time. Using such drugs can cause mild effects, such as headaches or dizziness, or it can lead to more serious effects, such as brain damage and death. 

You never know what will happen even if you have taken this drug before due to the unmonitored and unregulated production of synthetic drugs. There are no checks and balances for quality with these drugs. 

The real risk

Unfortunately, synthetic drugs are readily available. They often come from China, and people buy them online. The introduction of new drugs occurs so often that many are still legal in the U.S. because lawmakers cannot keep up with the production. In addition, these drugs are easy to get and usually quite inexpensive. 

Because it is too hard to regulate them, it makes it tough to ensure people stay safe from them. Most users have no idea the real dangers of these drugs and how they could alter their lives if they get a bad batch or have a bad experience.