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What are some warning signs of an unfitting executor choice?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Estate Planning

While organizing your estate and thinking about the person you want to handle your debts and heirlooms in the future, a few options may come to mind. Figuring out who the best of these options are could feel overwhelming.

Taking into consideration potential warning signs when thinking about people who may become your executor is a way to prevent problems in the future.

Unwilling to assist

According to Kiplinger, if a person is not willing to fulfill this role or cannot because of a lack of free time, then it may not work out well. Discussing the tasks this person needs to complete and how often they may have to talk to the courts can help them get a better grasp on what they need to do. This way, they can refuse the job if they do not think they can do it.

Showing a negative attitude

If you notice a potential choice for your executor role behaving in a biased or negative way toward one of your beneficiaries, it could show that they are not fit for this job. An important part of being an executor is reducing the amount and intensity of arguments by solving problems.

Failing to meet deadlines

Since you need to rely on this person to file documents, notify certain agencies and maintain properties you own, they should have the ability to meet deadlines and pay attention to details. Finding someone who is good with this skill may help you feel peace of mind.

No matter what your estate plan includes, noticing the qualities of your options for executor can help you choose the best one.