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What typically makes probate longer?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | Estate Planning

Probate is often seen as a quick process. However, since its purpose is to ensure a fair distribution of assets, it can sometimes become an unexpectedly prolonged affair.

Understanding the factors that contribute to the length of probate is important for anyone navigating this intricate terrain.

Incomplete or missing documentation

The heart of probate consists of wills, financial statements, property deeds and more. The absence of these papers can slow down the probate process. Heirs may find themselves waiting for a long time as the court tries to piece together the puzzle of the deceased’s estate.

Contested wills and disputes

When beneficiaries contest the validity of a will, probate drags on. These legal fights divert the focus from the execution of the deceased’s wishes, adding layers of complexity to this process. Resolving these disputes requires time and careful consideration.

Complex estates

The more intricate the estate, the more time-consuming the probate. Multiple properties, large investment portfolios and diverse financial assets require close examination.

Creditor claims and outstanding debts

American credit card balances alone increased 16.3% on average from the second quarter of 2022 to the same time in 2023. After a death, the deceased’s financial obligations do not vanish with their passing.

Probate serves as a platform for settling these debts, and creditors have a right to make claims against the estate. Resolving these claims, especially in cases of substantial debt, can significantly extend the duration of the probate process.

Uncooperative or unreachable heirs

Probate requires the active participation of all heirs involved. Uncooperative or unreachable heirs can become significant roadblocks, slowing down the distribution of assets. Communicating with heirs across large distances can contribute to delays, especially when their involvement is important for key decisions.

Each factor during probate adds a layer of complexity to an already complicated process. People should better prepare for the potential challenges that may arise, ensuring a smoother journey through the legalities of estate settlement.