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Walking You Through All Aspects Of The Divorce Process

With the many decisions that must be made during a divorce process, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Especially in situations that may be highly contested or emotionally stressful, making clear decisions that protect your long-term interests can be difficult.

At Worth, Magee & Fisher, P.C., we focus our divorce representation on helping clients navigate the complexities of the divorce process so they can move forward with confidence. Our family attorneys take a detailed approach and personally guide clients forward, one step at a time.

How Does The Court Divide Property And Debt?

Dividing assets that have been shared for many years into two separate estates can quickly become logistically complex. As an equitable distribution state, Pennsylvania considers all property obtained after the wedding to be “marital property,” unless it is excluded by a prenuptial agreement or given as part of an inheritance. We help clients work through the division of:

  • The family’s primary residence
  • Any investment properties or secondary homes such as vacation homes, timeshares or cabins
  • Bank accounts, savings accounts and other shared financial accounts
  • Complex assets such as 401(k)s, pensions and other retirement accounts
  • Family business assets
  • Household belongings
  • Marital debts

Years Of Experience Helping Parents With Custody

In matters of child custody and visitation, the court seeks outcomes that protect the best interests of the children. Our attorneys’ job is to protect your parental rights while also achieving this goal. We encourage parents to explore alternative dispute resolutions such as negotiation or mediation. In these more amicable processes, parents and their counsel can openly discuss how to divide custody and parenting time.

However, we are fully prepared to protect our clients’ interests in court in highly contested child custody matters, striving toward resolutions that protect the best interests of the children.

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